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Recharge Card Printing Business Scams You Must Avoid

By: dany550 | Published: 29/10/2012 18:16 |

The Recharge card printing business in Nigeria is still booming, though it is not as lucrative as most people claim and now only makes sense to big time investors. Due to the way people show interest in getting involved in the business, some thieves are using the opportunity to scam some innocent people, hence the need for me to come up with this post.

Officially, prices of epins of all networks in Nigeria range between N93-N96 per pin, with MTN Nigeria been the most expensive. The real dealers will sell to you within this range and it is left to you to print the epins and sell at any price you want.

Mind you, most sub-dealers only gain between one-two naira per pin when they resell to retailers. The volume of sales they make determine how much profit they make and not just what they gain per pin. This is one of the reasons why printing of recharge cards is NOT for you if you can't invest lot of money into the business nor have the capability to sell high volume of recharge cards within few days.

So, How Do The Scammers Operate?

The scammers simply lie to you that they can sell recharge epins to you at a very cheap price. Some claim to sell as low as N65 per pin. I keep wondering how someone will be able to sell so low like this if the person didn't steal the epins. Dealers don't even get it cheap like this at all. If anyone claims to sell far less than N93-N96 per pin and you send your money to the person, you are on your own. You are warned.

Once you show interest in buying from the scammers, some will even start disturbing you with calls just to pay for the epins. They will even sweet-mouth you that they can send the pins to you via email, irrespective of where you are in Nigeria and if you fall for their scam and send your money to them, they disappear into thin air. This is just one of the reasons I keep warning that you should not send money to anybody claiming to be selling epins, without you visit his/her office at least for once.

If you think buying pins between N93-N96 per pin won't make any sense to you, Please, printing of recharge cards is not by force. Buy the printed ones, resell and make your money.

I hope this helps.

If you are still interested in printing of recharge vouchers in Nigeria, I have some reliable dealers I can direct you to. You go to their office, meet them, pay and get your stock instantly. They will also sell their softwares to you, which you will use in printing the recharge cards. They will train you on how to use the software in printing the recharge cards.